A visit to Park Burger – Denver, CO

I am compelled to publicly state that Park Burger is best overall burger you’re going to find in Denver.  I went last night with my buddy Brent and our lovely wives, and let me say…

This place, on numerous levels, simply kills it as a burger joint.  My heart says that the best patty you’ll find in Denver is to be found at City Grille, where the beefiness is simply unmatched.  But for the whole shebang, in the final analysis, all things considered, Park Burger tops the list.  We went to the original, newly expanded location on Pearl St, but you can also go in the Highlands.  Also, Park and Co. on 17th is similar and shares some menu items.

We’ve discussed this burger here before, so I won’t go into too many details (Harris Ranch 80/20 chuck, fresh produce delivered every day, impossibly good buns from Grateful Bread), but last night the tiny little neurons in my brain that for years have been slowly customized to fire rapidly in the presence of a great burger — those neurons went hog wild!  Had you done a brain scan, I’m convinced those neurons would’ve had smoke billowing out of them like a locomotive.  I almost passed out.

Brent and I shared two burgers: the chef’s special with an extra patty (12-hour slow cooked pork, cole slaw, a 90 Shilling battered onion ring, and pimiento cheese), and the classic: 1/3lb patty, American cheese, grilled onions, and burger sauce (which I think is just mustard and mayo).

The attention to detail here is unparalleled in Denver burgers.  The buns are perfectly toasted, the 1/3lb patties a spot-on medium rare with a wonderful flattop crust (hard to do, BTW), and everything constructed with love.  They have absolutely aced the fundamentals, and they have fun with the toppings.  How many places focus on toppings, but on a terrible foundation?  I’m looking at you, H Burger.  The only minor complaint is Brent and I agreed a bit more salt on the patty would’ve upped the beef flavor a bit, but honestly we were struggling to find something wrong.

The whole atmosphere here bleeds burger love.  We talked to a great table of ladies (Hi Kim, Natalie, and Nicole) who know burgers…and Park is their place of choice.  The cook (you are the man, Bucky), the manager (thanks again Peter), and the wait staff exude a confidence in burger lore, and have a real desire to ace the simple basics of what makes a great burger.  And they’ve done it.  Add to that a great ambiance, local Colorado beer on tap, and even thin vintage-looking t-shirts and you’ve got yourself The Burger Baron’s favorite burger place in Denver.

(P.S. This was a last minute visit and as such I had to take pictures with my iPhone.  Which makes me sad, because this burger deserves my Canon DSLR.)

Park Burger on Urbanspoon

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