Juicy Burger – Centennial, CO

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Juicy Burger was recently voted “Denver’s Best Burger” by Westword this year.  I had tried it years ago (pre-Baron days, when I was just beginning to hone by burger palette) and remembered liking it a lot, so my friend Brent and I stopped in yesterday for a lunch time gorge session.

Juicy Burger is located in a strip mall and it’s easy to miss if you’re just cruising around Centennial, if anyone ever actually cruises Centennial.  But, luckily, it’s right off I-25 and Arapahoe, so it’s easy to get to if you know what you are looking for…namely, succulent burgers.

They do a GREAT job.  Burgers start off as a 80/20 pre-ground Angus chuck from Black Canyon Cattle Company.  Formed in house, they are probably around 1/3 lb, and placed on a grill.  Honestly, I’ve been eating so many flat top griddled burgers that I sort of forgot how tasty that grill flavor is.  The burgers were cooked excellently, the beef was nicely salted, and the buns were heavenly (very simple organic white buns from Boulder Breadworks, although pumpernickel available also).

We got a standard Juicy Char Burger with American cheese and the works (Lettuce, tomato, burger sauce, grilled onions, pickle) and a second burger with Swiss, grilled onions, and mayo.  Both were well put together, very flavorful, and all-around enjoyable.

Final thought: I am not an onion ring guy by any means.  Rarely order them.  But the onion rings at Juicy are awesome.  Super thinly sliced and lightly battered…they almost look like calamari when they come out.  Quite good.

If you are looking for a good burger in Centennial, Tech Center area….Juicy Burger will treat you right.  The owner/operator himself was on the grill doing the dirty work, and he aced it!

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