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We’ve got a guest review today from Baron Sr. (my father), who lives in Kansas City.  He recently visited the Green Room to try out their fare.  Here’s his review:

Tonight’s fare was the 4010 burger at Green Room Burgers & Beer in Westport, MO. This place got good+, but not rave, reviews on Yelp, so I put it on my list of places to go. However, when a Groupon for 2 beers and an appetizer came across my email, my motivation was now sufficient.

The Yelp reviews specifically touted the 4010 burger so I went for it.

(from the menu):
“Two patties, slices of fresh avocado, bacon, Tillamook cheddar, house mustard, and fresh jalapeno slices. For less heat, ask for grilled jalapenos.”

When ‘Cat’ our waitress came by, I ordered the 4010 but had her “kill the pig”, which she immediately knew was code for ‘hold the bacon’. I specifically asked about the burger they used, but she is more a waitress than a ‘burger baroness’. All she really offered was that it was from a local butcher, Bichelmeyer Meats and is a) ordered in every two to three days, b) never frozen and c) pattied-up every day.

Pros: Good flavor, 7.7 on a 1-10 scale. I wouldn’t recommend it in my top 5, but maybe my top 10. Very good ratio of meat/bun/cheese. Also, fries are very fresh and natural; very good.

Cons: Slooowwww kitchen! Also, they don’t serve Budweiser, so I did my city a solid and ordered a Boulevard Pilsner … good enough, so I had 2. And the final negatory? Cat didn’t ask how I wanted my burger cooked so it came out well-done. Not a travesty, but I still should have interceded on my own behalf and instructed the lass.

On the whole I don’t think Green Room wouldn’t be top ‘o mind when it came to burger joint suggestions, but I wouldn’t stop somebody if they wanted to give it a whirl.


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