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Hello Baronettes!  It’s been a spell since the last official Burger Baron review, and I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for a new place to try (or not try).  This guest post comes from a new friend of mine who undoubtedly has the palette and discernment required to lead us to the meaty truth.  Thanks Eric!  Without further ado, I give you his review of The Tavern (a local Denver chain)!

Where: The Tavern – Denver Tech Center
5336 DTC Blvd. Greenwood Village, CO 80111

What: The Tavern Burger, medium-rare with cheddar cheese and fries
Cost: $14 including tax and tip

Their description: Half pound fresh ground USDA Choice Chuck served on a kaiser roll with your choice of yellow cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onions

Overall: An average burger, which is not something I would normally expect from the Tavern (where the food is usually decent)…also not something I’d expect to pay $14 for…

The Venue: The Tavern is a place that I normally frequent for happy hour rather than lunch because it is a little cost prohibitive for my mailroom-level pay. The Tavern DTC’s clientele are mid- to upper-level executives who work in the Denver Tech Center (DTC), and who The Tavern draws in at a respectful rate. The setting is high-end bar/night club (by the way, Ladies Night is Thursday nights). Seats are aplenty, including bar top, booth, tables and a patio with outdoor seating.

The Nitty-Gritty: My first reaction to seeing the burger placed in front of me was, “Oh man! I have a double chin from that angle.” No one wants to see their reflection in the top bun. The bun is supposed to do many things for you and your burger, but checking out your double chins, hair, or the TV behind you is not one of them.

Upon grasping the “kaiser roll”-wrapped burger, my hands were touched with an additional level of grease that had soaked through the bottom bun and made it utterly useless as structural support for my hefty lunch. The meat was thick, cooked to red and pink perfection, but the flavor was lost in a sea of grease and wasn’t able to punch through the juice-filled, soggy roll that had been mashed into a thin white line surrounding its savory thickness. The cheese looked like quality cheddar, but it’s sharp and creamy flavor was also adrift in the sea of liquid fat.

Other notables: Get the Spicy Beer Mustard. It is a horseradish fanatic’s mustard dream. It is that “clear your sinuses” spicy with just enough mustardy tang to make even the most grease-soaked roll or fry delectable. It is normally served with the pretzel appetizer, but they will provide a side serving upon request. We even went to the length to mention that it would be fortuitous for them to make a burger with the mustard spread and put it in a pretzel roll.

The fries are pretty good with the mustard as well. They are definitely above average and almost make up for the lack of crunch in the kaiser roll.

Conclusion: Ultimately the burger was undone by its fatty meat content and soft, absorbant roll. The combination lead to a disastrously soggy bun and sea of flavor-masking grease. Don’t get me wrong, The Tavern is a great place for client meetings, happy hours and maybe even a night of dancing. The food is usually delicious, not average, which is why I was surprised at the average quality of the burger I purchased.  If you live in or near the DTC, then I would give The Tavern a try.   At least once.

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One thought on “The Tavern – DTC

  1. hahahah, LOVE it!

    “oh, man! i have a double chin from that angle”….hahaha

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