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My fellow Baronites: it has been a minute since I last posted…my family has recently welcomed a newborn Baron (a healthy 10 lbs, 4oz), so burger-consuming duties have taken a backseat to naps when I can get them, diaper changes, and general survival mode.  In lieu of a local Denver review, my sister (here’s her website) recently visited a spot in Kansas City call The Jacobson.  This burger looks legit, albeit boasts some structural errors.  Grilled beef, brioche bun…she may have to return to try the signature burger (with a short rib marmalade that my dear ol’ sister passed up, whereas I would’ve had the chef smear it directly onto my tongue) , as the review below is all about the classic.  Feast your brains on this:

So I’m new to this whole “blogging about burgers” thing. I had a short stint of trying to have a recipe blog, but it wasn’t cute so I gave that up pretty quickly. Burgers, though? I feel as though, because I’m related to the Baron himself, I could possibly pull off a somewhat decent review of something I love.

Nervously, I asked to be a guest blogger. He insisted. So here we are.

I actually tried this burger twice. Which wasn’t intentional, I’m just pretty slow at writing a review and ended up going there twice. I made the excuse of “confirming” what I was going to write. Whatever.

Let’s get into this. Originally I wanted to try The Jacobson Burger because it boasts the name of the restaurant. But then I read that it had “short rib marmalade” on it and decided a classic burger would be best suited for my needs. I eat like a 6 year old, anyway.

I ordered my burger cooked medium with Tillamook cheddar cheese served on butter toasted brioche. . side of fries.

Seeing the burger, I was excited. Huge tomato on there, and the serving size was great for the $8 I spent on it.

The fries were delicious. I found myself more excited about them than the burger. Not a great sign.

I’d say it was cooked closer to medium rare than medium. And that poor bun. By the time I even cut the burger in half the bottom bun was soaked through with juices. By the time I was halfway through the burger, the bun was worthless on all counts.

The taste was good, don’t get me wrong. Good flavour and you can’t be mad at Tillamook cheddar. If it were up to me, they’d do away with that bun all together. I’d give it an overall 3.5 stars. Not bad and room for changes.

According to a local food critic, I may stand alone in my observations.  He ordered the Jacobson Burger with the short rib marmalade and said that he savored every bite. Maybe I just need more adult tastes. We may never know.

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One thought on “The Jacobson – Kansas City

  1. Jessica on said:

    You ate the wrong burger!!! The Jacobson burger is hands down the best burger I’ve ever had. We locals tell people that haven’t tried it that it is an orgasm in your mounth. You’ve gotta try it sometime. Also, sub the regular fries for the truffle fries. If your there during warm weather, I would recommend trying the crossroads fizz as your drink.

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