Iwayama Sushi and Da Big Kahuna Bistro

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Readers and faithful burger lovers, today’s guest post comes from a man who sells insurance.  But he also knows quite a bit about meat, and this post should entertain you.  A burger from a sushi restaurant, you ask?  Yes, that’s how my friend rolls.  Read on for his review of Iwayama Sushi and Da Big Kahuna Bistro:

You know those restaurants that don’t belong in a strip mall?  This is one of them.  A random little spot in West Littleton, Colorado.  Nothing but the word “SUSHI” on the outside of the building.

Walking in and grabbing a menu made me think, “This is going to be terrible.  I hate sushi.  Whoever picked this place for the office lunch is a total jerk.”  Then I saw it: Da Big Kahuna Burger.  No Way!  A lunch menu of awesome Hawaiian food, and a BURGER to boot!  Now I’m thinking, “Whoever picked this place is a GENIUS!”

So I order it.  And the waitress says, “Ohhh, you want a burger?  Well, you don’t want THAT burger, you want the Juicy Lucy….”  I look, and the Juicy Lucy isn’t even on the menu!  So, in anticipation of ordering off the SECRET HIDDEN MENU, I say, “What’s the Juicy Lucy?”

And you are thinking the same thing right now, you fine Burger Baron aficionados, “PLEASE MIKE!  Tell us!  We HAVE to know what the Juicy Lucy is!!!!”

Well, they took a bun.  Not sure what kind, but you can see in the photo: golden brown, with that glossy stuff on top, where it catches the light in the room.  Not sure what that means: maybe poison, maybe sugar.  Then a patty, and this is where it starts to get JUICY.  Definitely hand patted.  How do I know?  Because they take American Cheese and MIX it in with the raw meat before tossing it on the grill.  SO ridiculous.  What next?  Teriyaki sauce.  Just a drizzle.  Not so much that it overpowers the burger.  Next?  Ready?  Yes, AVOCADO!  Yeah, they went there.  Might as well have told you the next ingredient was gold bars.  Then two grilled onion strips.  I didn’t even realize they were on there until one came sliding out during a bite about half way through.  Then the greens.  Good greens, like ultra crisp green leaf lettuce it was.  Then the bun on top.

Sides?  Does the Baron talk about sides.  Not sure, I’ve never actually been his site.  But they serve a macaroni salad, appropriately called the “mac salad,” that is out of this world.  But not so out of this world that it overshadows the burger.

So, the next time you find yourself west of Santa Fe, and South of Hampden, hit this place up.  For the yuppie in your group you can promise them great sushi (not sure if it is any good, maybe Google search “The Sushi Baron” for an answer to that), and for YOU, a burger.  An awesome burger.  The Juicy Lucy loves you already, will you love it back?

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