One of the best: Cafe Terracotta

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In south Denver, burger options are somewhat limited. Way south, you’ve got Bud’s Bar. Out east, you’ve got Juicy Burger.  I was also pleasantly surprised by the Fox and Hound. But what about the south central?  What about the quaint, historic downtown Littleton?

I’ve hesitated posting about this restaurant in the past…this restaurant has never been mentioned, never reviewed. But it is one of south Denver’s best burgers.  That’s right, one of the best.

Why have I hesitated?  Well, to be honest, I used to work here.  I love the people.  I love the ambiance.  I love the food.  But the burger has suffered in the past…while passable, I felt an excruciating tension between my loyalty to this establishment and the loyalty I have to being an honest reviewer.

My friends, that tension has passed.

May I introduce you to Cafe Terracotta.

“What has changed,” you might ask?  I am going to divulge a juicy, beefy secret…as of this writing, and to the best of my knowledge, Cafe Terracotta is the ONLY restaurant in all of Denver that serves the finest beef patties known to man: Pat LaFrieda.  I’ve written about Pat here, here, and here.  And here.

Top that patty with a stellar, ever-so-sweet, soft Challah bun, a variety of cheeses and fresh produce, and you’ve got yourself one of the best burgers in south Denver.  My only (minor) complaint is that it lacks some saltiness sometimes.  Easy to remedy at the table, although not quite the same.

Hit up Terracotta for lunch, order a burger medium rare, and let yourself go.  Come back that evening for a dimly lit, upscale dining experience that will have your date swooning over you by the time the appetizer is gone.  I mean it.

Cafe_Terracotta_2 Louthan House - Cafe Terracota - Sitting Area


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One thought on “One of the best: Cafe Terracotta

  1. Thanks for the props Ben, I appreciate it

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